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This memorial plaque holds an unlimited number of photos, audio recording, written messages, and embedded videos.  

Share the link instantly with family and friends via text, social media, email, etc., to collaborate and add content from anywhere in the world.

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Special Distributor Pricing

$110.00 Each

**Sales Tax and shipping are additional charges***

Our Guarantee
If your Memorial plaque turns up missing for any reason, we will replace it for free. Your replacement plaque is linked to the exact same data which is safely stored in the cloud. You can download a backup copy of all of your content at any time and as often as you’d like from inside your account. Our workmanship is guaranteed for life. Please reach out to us immediately if you experience any issues with the physical plaque or the software experience.

​No physical maintenance is required and there are no ongoing subscriptions or service fees. This is a one time purchase with no time restrictions or limitations.

McDougal Monuments

         email: mcdougalmonuments@yahoo.com

Setting up the plaque

Open your phone camera and point it at the physical plaque. Your phone will automatically recognize the QR code and display a link on the screen. Tap the link to enter the setup process. If your phone camera does not recognize the QR code, you may have a phone that is several years old which does not have a QR reader built into the camera. Don't worry, the solution is super easy. Simply use a QR scanner app instead of your camera. If you don't already have a QR scanner app on your phone, there are many free options in your device's app store.

From that point on, simply follow the on-screen instructions. If you don't yet have an Audiobiography account, we'll create one for you within the setup steps. Keep in mind you can always come back and edit everything you do in Memorial.

Adding owners to create shared ownership

One of the setup steps asks if you'd like to add additional owners. Enter the email address of anyone you'd like to have co-manage this Memorial with you. Co-owners can be very useful in helping moderate content. Those who co-own Memorial with you have all the same permissions as you to manage the content. You can always come back and add more co-owners at any time in the future by tapping Edit Memorial from within the Memorial itself.

Adding your first tribute

Once you're inside the Memorial, tap the Add a Memory or Tribute button. This opens the tribute builder. It will ask who you are (your name will automatically populate since you're logged in), and what you relationship is. You can either add as many photos as you'd like, or a video. Keep in mind you can't add videos and photos in the same tribute, but since you can add as many individual tributes as you'd like, simply add the embedded video separately. You an also write as much as you'd like and leave up to a 10 minute audio recording. When you're happy with the tribute, tap save and post.

Making tributes private

Tap the three dots to the right of any tribute to expand additional options (these additional options are only available to owners). One of the options is to "move tribute up", or "move tribute down". If you'd like to rearrange the order of tributes on the page, simply move them up or down using this function. Be sure to save the page when you're done rearranging so that your arrangement sticks.

Rearranging tributes

Tap the three dots to the right of any tribute to expand additional options. One of the options is to make the tribute private. When you do this the tribute will still be visible to you as an owner, and it will be visible to all owners. But the Memorial page will now display a lock icon to anyone visiting, and state that there are private tributes on the page. Users can request access to private tributes. When that happens all owners get an email notifying them of the request. To approve or deny, simply visit the Memorial page and tap the link to manage private access. This is all very apparent when it happens, but if you choose to not mark any tributes as private, this feature is out of sight, out of mind.

Sharing Memorial

The best part about Memorial is that it's instantly shareable so that anyone, regardless of where they are located in the world, can see and add their own tributes. Just tap the share button from within the Memorial page. If you're on your phone, a number of options will appear (text, email, social media, etc.). If you're on a laptop or desktop, clicking Share will copy the share link to your clipboard. Head to email or social media or your text window to paste the link and share it with family and friends.

Downloading a backup of your content

Even though we store and serve everything back from the cloud, you can and should download a backup copy of the Memorial content as often as you'd like. Go to your account, find the Memorial you'd like to backup, and click Download.

Installing Memorial on a headstone or other monument

Memorial can either be attached to the outside of the stone, or inlaid into it. it comes with Gorilla outdoor clear permanent adhesive already attached to the back of the plaque. Clean the stone where you plan to place the plaque, peel the backing, and press the plaque into place, holding it for 60 seconds if possible. Be sure to do this on a day that is warmer than 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius). Alternatively, your headstone manufacturer can easily inlay the plaque into the stone. Most cuts are about 1/2" deep, leaving about a 1/8th inch of the plaque emerging above the stone.

​The Memorial Plaque
The plaque is made of 5/8” thick aeronautical grade, non-yellowing, UV resistant plexiglass. The glass is poured around our unique QR card and autoclaved, encasing it permanently. It's extremely clear and extremely strong. The finished size of the Standard is 3” x 4” x 5/8”. The finished size of the Mini is 2” x 2.6” x 5/8”. It comes in Silver, Black, or Gold to compliment any setting.

Each kit comes with everything you need to secure it to outdoor surfaces. On the back of the plaque you’ll find double-sided outdoor weatherproof adhesive already installed. There is also a cleaning towel provided. Wipe the stone to remove dust or loose material, peel the backing from the outdoor adhesive, and press the plaque into place. Press firmly for several seconds to achieve a full seal. The bond is permanent and is made to stand up to the elements. Alternatively, the plaque can be inset into the stone by a professional.